Our new adventure means we are now faith-based missionaries to pastors and their wives, churches and missionaries. As such, we are depending on the Lord to provide through the support of like-minded believers who have a heart for helping pastors and churches and would like to do it through us.

In order to make this work, we’ve adjusted our cost-of-living significantly (see ‘Radical Downsize’ below). Travel and housing costs will be a major ministry expense. Many churches need help but can’t afford to pay. We want to be able to offer that help – with your help.



IMG_6580   In order to take this step of faith, and ask you and others to consider supporting us, we believe it’s incumbent on us to do what we can to lower our living expenses. Along with the normal steps of shopping moIMG_6579re carefully, cutting expenditures and reviewing spending, we’ve swapped houses with our daughter and son-in-law, Grace & David Velasquez. They’ll be renting the big house (3300 sq. ft.), and we’ve moved into the cottage (600 sq. ft.),

We’ve also sold our Honda Pilot and are keeping the Honda Fit.

Houdini’s not the only one who can squeeze into tight places.

John & Laura Cowan2015-06-01_08-56-54_AM

John: pastorjbc@gmail.com
fb: http://www.facebook.com/pastorjbc
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Laura: lauracowan@aol.com
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blog: http://www.lauracowan.wordpress.com


About pastorjbc

I am extremely happily married to Laura - my best friend, lover and ministry partner of over 42 years (504 months). She is an awesome lady and the mother of our 8 children - Micah, Josh, Johnny, Chris, Grace, Joe, Anna and Tim. We (really Laura) home schooled our kids for 20 years. Currently we have 10 grandkids. The Lord has blessed our tribe with an abundance of creativity which our kids express in music, writing, graphics, media and other ways. After Pastoring Calvary Chapel of Sacramento, CA for 26 years, I joined the Pastoral Staff of Calvary Chapel Salt Lake City in 2006 and now I'm with Poimen Ministries (www.poimenministries.com).

6 responses to “A NEW ADVENTURE: Pt.3 – HOW YOU CAN HELP US”

  1. Janet Brown says :

    Dear John and Laura, I have been thinking about you guys lately, partly because of what we are going through in the Bible right now, and I just want you to know how blessed I am that I was raised up in the church God had you leading. I want you to know that you were and I am sure still are wonderful shepherds of God’s church. You are always there to encourage, to lead and most of all, you live as such an example of what Godly men and women ought to look like. You always seemed available in times of need. I know that you are led by the Spirit, and I trust that there will be much fruit that comes from this new ministry that you are participating in. The people that will be receiving from you guys have no idea yet how blessed they will be!! Thank you again for your ministry and service to people because of your commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ!! Love, Janet

    • pastorjbc says :

      Awwww, Janet, that is so sweet. So glad to hear from you. Please give our love to Harold as well. You guys are a blessings – and were so key in the church in so many ways. As the first Church Secretary, you really got us organized and then continued to keep track of things for so long – I don’t think I ever thanked you enough. And Harold with his special gift of healing Hondas (ours in particular). Bless you guys!

  2. Jim Perkins says :

    I pray for your ministry John. I remember when you came and visited me in the hospital and prayed with me. Praise God for you.

  3. Steve and Christy doll says :

    Doll74usc2@aol.com,put us on your list

    Steve and Christy doll

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