Cowan Cars

I saw a TV commercial that mentioned how many cars we typically own in a lifetime. This made me think back and try to remember the cars Laura and I have had over the years. It’s been more challenging than I thought. So I decided to start a gallery of pictures representing cars we’ve owned. It’s more nostalgic than I expected. Most of these pictures are not of our actual cars. They’re off-the-web pics that are close.  I’ll add more as I can and keep trying to get as close as possible to the look I remember with each one. Enjoy.


5 responses to “Cowan Cars”

  1. lauracowan says :

    Since marrying you, I’ve always had a ride. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Joshua says :

    you had a dodge Lancer?! …I would’ve loved to inherit that 😉

  3. Janet Brown says :

    Harold and I sure remember that Honda wagon. The Lord surely did touch that car on many occasions!!

  4. Dale Mancillas says :

    John, I remember your 80’s VW van! I went into labor with Sam in the middle of the night and called Laura because noone else would pick up the phone (before cell phones). Laura said you guys had just lost the keys to the gas cap and you only had enough gas to get to church in the morning so you couldn’t come get me! She was such a comfort to me, she prayed for God to get someone there soon since we both realized I wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. He sent someone just in time for me to deliver my baby boy at home! Always have fond memories of you guys!

  5. Dale Mancillas says :

    Or maybe it was that Dodge Van, LOL!

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