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The Lord is leading Laura and I into a new ministry adventure. After 26 years as Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Sacramento and 9 years of ministry with Calvary Chapel Salt Lake City, we are taking a further step of faith into a new ministry. The Lord has slowly prepared us for this change over the past 18 months. But, now that His direction is clear, things have moved quickly. So what is this new direction?



(‘Poimen’ = ‘Shepherd’)

Poimen Ministries ( is a team of seasoned Calvary Chapel pastors dedicated to serving other pastors. The goal is to help pastors, churches and missionaries fulfill their calling by offering personal encouragement, practical help, fresh perspective and seasoned guidance. This may mean simply filling in for a pastor over a weekend – or committing a couple of years to shepherding a church through a challenging transition. Each ‘assignment’ is unique whether a ministry of encouragement to a leadership family, bringing assurance and hope to a church that’s lost it’s pastor, coaching a younger pastor through the challenges of ministry, or providing an honest assessment of a church’s ministries. This means we’ll be depending more than ever on the Lord’s guidance and the Spirit’s enabling. For us, this brings a new intensity to our frequent prayer: “Lord, help us to be what they need.”

Poimen is a ministry that resonates deep within our hearts. It has been my joy over the years to mentor others towards ministry and coach fellow pastors – often giving them the benefit of lessons I learned through my own mistakes. The Lord has continually drawn us to this kind of service, consistently encouraging us by blessing our efforts. Although this will require new steps of faith and a dependence upon the Lord’s provision through His people, we are excited and feel honored to have this opportunity. Please remember us in your prayers. We want our lives to count for Jesus, now more than ever. Our prayer is that the Lord will use us to strengthen pastors and churches so they, in turn, will continue to reach more and more souls for the Kingdom.

    Here is a snapshot of team activities this past month (May 2015):
    • Bill: Finished 4 1/2 months at Calvary Chapel Bible College, in Peru
    • Al: Completed a church assessment in NY; helping a church in Northern GA.
    • Bob: Serving churches in England: sorting out new, restrictive visa regulations.
    • Phil: Completed church assessment in NY; on way to Czech Republic.
    • Gillette: Returned from Nepal; on way to church assessment.
    • Trip: Finished 6 wks in Juneau, AK; helping 2 churches in FL.
    • Pat: Filled in for various pastors; Teaching at School of Ministry
    • Larry: Pastor Larry Anderson went home to be with his Lord while filling in for a missionary pastor in Kosovo, Yugoslavia (see tribute at

Thanks to the encouragement and support of Pastor Terry and Calvary Chapel Salt Lake City, I will continue to be based in Salt Lake as a ‘Pastor Emeritus’ (a pastor sent out for ministry to the general body of Christ). Although my normal ministry responsibilities are being transitioned to others, we will continue to be part of the fellowship and serve whenever our schedule allows.

As for support, we will be primarily dependent on the support of like-minded believers who have a heart for helping pastors and churches and would like to do it through us. In order to make this work, we’ve adjusted our cost-of-living significantly (see ‘Radical Downsize’). Travel and housing costs will be a major ministry expense. Many churches need help but can’t afford to pay. We want to be able to offer that help – with your help.  (Please see ‘A NEW ADVENTURE – Pt.3’ for information on how you can support us)

When we left Calvary Chapel Sacramento after 26 years, I remember feeling like we were losing our family and exchanging it for a new one. Instead, we discovered that we didn’t lose our Sacramento friends and family, we gained an expanded circle. And so, we take this step with the confidence that we won’t lose our Salt Lake family, but will expand the circle in hopes that the Lord will use us, in spite of ourselves, to bless more of His flock.

A NOTE FROM LAURA – Off we go!

2015-05-30_09-38-53_PM copy
The other day, our youngest son Tim opened the car door for me. It’s strange how his humble gesture supplied an inexpressible comfort.  He saw a need, responded without fanfare, and off we went.  For John and I, this sums up the goal in our new venture:  to come alongside, identify a need, and open a door of encouragement and relief to a church leader or a group of believers; and then, to move on.

   Your prayers and financial support open the door for us, enabling us to open the door for others. Here are three things to pray.  Please feel free to add to this list.

Discernment • Strength • Provision

P.S.  Some of you have asked what I’ll be doing.  Well, I’m the official keeper of the stuff, John’s personal fashionista (you can’t wear that in public, John), and I have serious nunchuck skills in hospitality and…well, who doesn’t like a salted caramel cupcake once in a while?  Oh- and I like to write about everything.  It’s kind of like non-stop talking only-better-because-if-you-get-tired-of-me-you-can-jus-t“click”-and-I-disappear-and-I-won’t-even-know-you-did-it.

I will also continue as a rep for Voice of the Martyrs.    Thank you for your immeasurable encouragement.

“Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together!”

Psalm 34:3  (John’s and my life verse.)

The nature of this ministry means we often don’t know our next ‘assignment’ until it’s in front of us. Please pray for the Lord to clearly direct us.


• Calvary Chapel Bishop, CA: Their long-time pastor, Daniel Mcclenaghan, went home to Jesus the week before Easter. We’ll be with them for a weekend doing a Mini-Conference, sharing with the Worship Team and speaking Sunday morning.
• Calvary Chapel Seine Bight, Belize: Spending time with Jim & Anna Mensie, missionary pastors to Seine Bight, an impoverished, voodoo-infested community in Belize. Laura will be speaking at a regional Women’s Retreat. John will do a mini-conference with the men at the church, as well as speak at various services. We’ll also be doing an informal Sunday Night Concert.


• Calvary Chapel Bishop, CA: Sunday Service

• Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors’ Conference, CA: We’ll be attending the Conference, meeting some of the Poimen team, reconnecting with old friends (and making new ones) as we hang out at the Poimen Ministries table.

• Calvary Chapel Bishop, CA: Sunday Service

NEXT? You will be praying for us – right?

Our new adventure means we are now faith-based missionaries to pastors and their wives, churches and missionaries. As such, we are depending on the Lord to provide through the support of like-minded believers who have a heart for helping pastors and churches and would like to do it through us.

In order to make this work, we’ve adjusted our cost-of-living significantly (see ‘Radical Downsize’ below). Travel and housing costs will be a major ministry expense. Many churches need help but can’t afford to pay. We want to be able to offer that help – with your help.



IMG_6580   In order to take this step of faith, and ask you and others to consider supporting us, we believe it’s incumbent on us to do what we can to lower our living expenses. Along with the normal steps of shopping moIMG_6579re carefully, cutting expenditures and reviewing spending, we’ve swapped houses with our daughter and son-in-law, Grace & David Velasquez. They’ll be renting the big house (3300 sq. ft.), and we’ve moved into the cottage (600 sq. ft.),

We’ve also sold our Honda Pilot and are keeping the Honda Fit.

Houdini’s not the only one who can squeeze into tight places.

John & Laura Cowan2015-06-01_08-56-54_AM



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